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Learning Games Initiative

In 1999, a small group of people in Tucson, Arizona inaugurated a research collective called the Learning Games Initiative (LGI). The purpose of the collective was to examine computer games (arcade, console, PC, and handheld) in order to better understand their cultural and pedagogical import. LGI has since grown into an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional research group.

In the fall of 2005, Dr. Ryan M. Moeller, a founding member of LGI, established an LGI research collective at Utah State University. Working closely with LGI in Arizona, LGI-USU members have given presentations and led workshops at regional and national conferences, published research in books and journals, led game nights and workshops at USU, formed a student club, and developed a demonstration module for the game, Aristotle's Assassins, a role-playing adventure set around the political turmoil in Ancient Greece at the end of Alexander's reign.

LGI's research and teaching is designed to fashion bridges among departments, academic and community organizations, educational institutions, and industries around the world. Please contact LGI-USU director Ryan Moeller at to get involved with any of our projects here or check out the national LGI site at and let us know about your work!

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